Exhibition Catalogues
1998   Asia print Adventure 1998,Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art,
    Text by Gousuke Yoshida
2000   The Vision of Contemporary Art,TheUenoRoyal Museum,
    Text by Tomoyoshi Sato,March 16-March 30,
2001   Kiss in the Dark, Contemporary Japanese photography,
    Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,
    Text by Michiko Kasahara,,September11-November25
2002   Art of Sapporo2002,Sapporo citizen Gallery,
    Text by Seiichi Nakamura,March 6-March17
2003   Asia print Adventure2003,Hokkaido Museum of Art,
    Text by Gousuke Yoshida September
    City_net Asia2003,Seoul Museum of Art,Text by Michiko Kasahara,
    November 14-December14
    Northern Creators Fiction/fact:Skin/Membrane,Text by Naoto Iwasaki,
    October 26-January 18
2004   Shanghai biennale, Techniques of the Visible Shanghai Art Museum,
    Text by Zhang Qing, September 29-November27
2005   85/05:The photography beyond 20years from Tukuba Museum
    of photography 1985”, Sendai mediatheque ,April 24-May22,
    The 3rd Women’s Art Festival “Fantastic Asia”,Sungkok Art Museum
    Seoul,June 16-July3
    N.E.blood21vol.20 Suzuki Ryoko Exhibition,RIAS ARK MUSEUM OF ART.,
    Miyagi,text by Hiroyasu Yamauchi ,November30-December 25
2006   Portraits of a Water Vein:Contemporary Art in Japan,Korea and Germany”
    Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo,Text by Gousuke Yoshida/
    Tomoyoshi Sato,May 26-July4
2007   Global Feminisms,Brooklyn Museum,NY text by Maura Reilly,
    Linda Nochlin March 23-July1
    Nord skulpyur:licht,text by Claus Friede,Sagerhallen,publicspaces,
    Germany November2-18
    JAPAN CAUGHT BY CAMERA, Shanghai Art Museum,
    text by XiaoXiaoLan October 27-November25
    text by Hiroyasu Yamauchi,July 21?September2
    Born in Hokkaido,Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art,
    Sapporo, ,text by Maki Asakawa,November1-January 24
2008   Aisuru Bijyutu,Museum of Contemporary Art,Sapporo,February2-March3
    Paris Photo 08/ZEIT-FOTO Salon,Carrousel du Louvre,November13-16
    text by Olivia Nitis,November 13-December13
2009   Japan meets China,Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts,
    July5-September6, text by Kazuhiro Yamamoto
2010   DOMANI : The Art of Tomorrow, The National Art Center Tokyo,
    Text by Noguchi Reiji,December 11-January 23
    Beyond the border ,Tangram Art Center,text by Michiko Kasahara/September 7-October15
2011   Modernity Stripped Bare: Undressing the Nude in Contemporary Japanese Photography,
    The Art gallery,University of Maryland text by Elizabeth Johnson/March 16th~April 23th
2013   Body,Being Here, Daegu Art Museum, Text by kim Ok Real,February 26-June 26
    The Art of Photography Show, San Diego Art Institute, October12- November17


1999   The Hokkaido Shimbun, 10thJune,text by Kichi Shimada
2001   The Sapporo times 9th June
2002   The Hokkaido Shimbun, 18th July
2003   photo pre vol,3 p14-20 [Tokyo]
    The ASAHI Shimbun,2nd July, text by Tomoyoshi Sato
    The Hokkaido Shimbun, 7th November, text byNao Shibata
2004   Bien vol,29 Nov,Dec2004 p10-13,32
    Monthly Art magazine Bijyutu techo, text by Yizo Ueda Vol.56,No.845
    super city plus ,text byRumiko Ishida, Nov,p24,25
    Art China,Vol.3,No.2 p36,37[Shanghai]
    Monthly Art magazine Bijyutu techo,text by MichikoKasahara Vol.56,No.846
    The Hokkaido Shimbun, 10thNovember
2005   The Monthly Photographic Art Magazine Sajinyesul Vol,198 p76-81
    Sapporo jin, summer, text by Toshiaki hozumi p60,61[Sapporo]
    The Hokkaido Shimbun, 5th April
    DIE WELT 26.August/Germany
    Hamburger Morgenpost 27.August: Isabelle Hofmann/Germany
    WELT am SONTAG 28.August : Gisela Schutte/Germany
    Hamburger Abendblatt 27/28.August: MG/Germany
2007   Gainer, publishe by KOBUNSYA[Tokyo]
    Japan:Women&Art, published byJapan Foundation,
    text by Shahina Hanif
    The Hokkaido Shimbun,27th September,Masanobu Koie
2008   Monthly Art magazine Bijyutu techo, March 2008, vol.60, no.905
    Text by Yumi Yamaguhi p79
    TThe Globe and Mail, 10thMay, text by Gary Michael
    NOW magazine, 1st May, text by David Jager
    FEMINIST STUDIES, vol34,p465 text by Josephine Withers
    Border Crossings.Fall 2008, No.107,text by Carla Harms
    THE WINDOW OF ARTS no.292, p180
2009   Lo zen e il manga,Text by Fabriano Fabbri p306-p309[biography, picture]
    Gallery, 2009, vol.6 p58
    Geijutsu shincho,september 2009,p135
    N.paradoxa, vol24, Text by Olivia Nitis p59~p67
2009   that’s  shanghai, December 2009 Text by Jalean Wong p56
2010   Bros, text by Yumi Yamaguchi ,vol.17p108-109
    The Daily Yomiuri, text by Atuko Matsumoto
    Kita no Tobira,No.87 p14,15
2011   The Hokkaido Shimbun, 11thOctober,text by Hideaki Oono
2012   "Work from the Hokkaido Bank Collection" Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo
    "500-m Art Museum Opening Commemorative Exhibition" Sappro Odori 500-m Underground
    Walkway Gallery , Sapporo "Unconfirmed Pieces/Mirage of Art" ,CAI02,Sapporo
2013    Monthly Magazine Daegu Culture,vol. 328 p10-11
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